Enriched Curriculum


The importance of science is introduced to children in fun and innovative methods


Math is introduced to young children by way of counting, measuring, weighing etc

Extra Curricular

Music, art, drama and dance are integrated within the program


Our primary focus is to instill an interest in reading right from infancy

Field trips

Where children get to learn hands on what they learn indoors


Learning and playing music at a young age strongly influences the early childhood development


We believe that children under age 5, are like a sponge, waiting and wanting to learn and mimic. We strive to provide the necessary tools so that they can positively and effectively learn through a range of media such as

  • Their environment
  • The adults and peers around them
  • Songs, stories and verbal communication
  • Outdoor education and
  • Various age appropriate table activities that are made available for them to explore and learn

Some highlights of our teaching methodology

  • In-house curriculum to ensure that the children get the necessary training and guidance to enrich their knowledge in cognitive, social and emotional development.
  • Extra-curricular activities such as a second language, dance/drama, yoga and other forms of art.
  • Co-curricular topics into our curriculum that covers necessary life skills such as sharing, leadership etc. that is required for their holistic growth.